ss resources

  • environmental history
  • parthenon graphics timelines: a huge collection of comprehensive timelines about both us & world history.
7th grade


the carlisle indian industrial school

8th grade


beggars & barons of broadway

the letter project
  • support u.s. population stabilization is a group that advocates for policies that will limit population growth, including restrictions to immigration.
  • trading economics has a great website that allows you to look at and create charts using data about american unemployment.

fight for our rights

the 1964 nyc schools boycott

the boycott
reconstruction & redemption
jim crow laws
  • a brief history of jim crow laws: provides just what it says, and also a collection of useful links. credit goes to Ms. Lynwood and her 5th grade students for the suggestion.  
  • jim crow laws: an amazing listing of jim crow-era laws from throughout the south. 
  • for all the world to see: a collection of images that tell the story of jim crow through popular culture - advertisements, children's books, etc. 
  • the rise and fall of jim crow: an amazing resource from pbs, this website includes biographies, personal narratives, and video. 
  • separate is not equal: this great website includes lots of images, in addition to written documents, about jim crow laws. 
  • voter id laws & jim crow today: this contemporary news article makes connections between the voter disenfranchisement of the jim crow are and new voter id laws being enacted today. 
the civil rights movement