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last updated 9/10/13

i'm so proud to be a secret-secret penguin. check back soon for crew photos and other updates. let me know what you'd like to see here by commenting below or by email

everything below here is for the secret penguins (r.i.p)

slc presentations
slc presentation example/template is now online! check it out below and get working!

photo project instructions:
at home this weekend, take photos of the following things, in a way that shows the viewer who you are and where you come from; what your life's like.
  1. things you do every day
  2. family
  3. friends
  4. free time
  5. shopping
  6. hobbies
  7. where you read
  8. where you do hw
  9. dinner
  10. what you do when you're in trouble
  11. religion

Laptop photo hunt instructions: 

  1. browse the websites listed below
  2. pick the most interesting/compelling/striking image you can find
  3. email it to mr. thomas (kthomas@metropolitanels.com) using your mels email account

we are currently participating in the first-ever mels design challenge.
our mission is to invent, build, and test ways to make mels more sustainable when it comes to waste. 

monica and shanaya test their paper towel dispenser

hunter and taz prototype their water recycler

cameron and julya put the finishing touches on their design

Kimron Thomas,
Feb 26, 2012, 3:20 PM