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thursday, 12/19

posted Dec 19, 2013, 1:05 PM by Kimron Thomas

first, we discussed whether the enclaves we had done fieldwork in on wednesday were diverse or not, deciding once again that diversity is a complicated concept, and that, for example, flushing might not seem diverse at first glance because it is so predominantly asian, but that if you look closer, its residents come from a wide variety of asian nations. after that we discussed the words emigration (moving from) and immigration (moving to), and connected them to the words export (sending away) and import (bringing in). after that, we brainstormed a list of things that migrate (move), including moose, birds, butterflies, even squirrels. then, we watched an amazing video of butterfly migration, and discussed it in terms of this chart. given that all things migrate to meet a basic need, what needs was the butterfly meeting through migration? we defined two important terms: push factors (reasons people emigrate) and pull factors (reasons people immigrate). finally, we looked at our survey data from yesterday's fieldwork, and used those data to discuss the needs people were meeting by immigrating to the united states. 

why do people migrate? (due 12/20)
students should write a response to this question of at least one page in length. the response should show an understanding of the terms migrate, migrant, emigrate, immigrate, and should discuss push factors and pull factors. they should refer to fieldwork, personal knowledge & experience, and pop culture knowledge & experience.