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wednesday, 10/30

posted Nov 1, 2013, 4:31 AM by Mr. Thomas
mystery texts, day 2

we began with a short question to test students' understanding of the text we read yesterday, and then talked about students' scores on the previous day's exit ticket. i made it clear that students need to respond to the questions asked, and to follow directions exactly, in order to earn full credit on any assignment. we then reviewed students' work on yesterday's mystery texts before practicing the say something reading protocol on the second mystery text. we closed by revealing the title of the case study - THE CARLISLE INDIAN INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL - and the guiding questions and learning targets. 

guiding questions: 
  1. What did Americans do when they encountered the indigenous people of North America? 
  2. How did indigenous people respond to the changes caused by Americans? 
learning targets:
  1. I can analyze the relationship between indigenous people and European Americans changed between 1600 and 1900. 
  2. I can analyze the impact of Native American Boarding Schools on individuals and communities.
explain our new case study to a parent (due tonight)